Furry Friends Foster and Rescue, Inc. is a not-for-profit animal rescue organization, founded in February, 2014. We are approved by the United State Internal Revenue Service as a 501c3 public charity, and registered with the State of CT as a non-profit organization.  We are also incorporated in the state of CT.  Our rescue address is in Harwinton, CT, but our animals all live in foster homes with loving foster families.  We do not have a facility. 

We bring dogs (and an occasional cat) into our rescue primarily from municipal CT pounds.  When space is available in the rescue, we also help dogs whose families are unable to continue to care for them for a variety of reasons.

We do maintain an active CT animal import license and occasionally rescue urgent dogs from other states.  However, we firmly believe that the dogs in our own state who need help deserve to be the primary focus of our rescue efforts.  We are an all-breed rescue – we do not discriminate.  We will rescue any breed dog, from Chihuahua to pit bull, as long as we have the resources to meet the dog’s need and an appropriate foster home in place.

We also work with families, whenever possible, to find ways for them to be able to keep their pets in the home.  We provide them with information regarding options for veterinary care and low-cost spay/neuter services, as well as available help such as local food banks, etc.

Our mission as a rescue includes helping dogs that might otherwise find it hard to be adopted, or that other rescues might pass by.  Whenever possible, we will consider rescuing dogs with substantial medical needs, and dogs requiring training/retraining and behavioral rehabilitation required for each dog to become a wonderful member of an adoptive family.  One of the members of our Board of Directors is a trainer who works with the dogs in our rescue, whenever necessary, to help them become the best dogs they can be. 

As is true of any non-profit organization, our ability to do what we do is dependent in large part on the generosity of our supporters and donors.   Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution.  You can donate using your debit or credit card by clicking on the button below, or you can mail donations to us at: Furry Friends Foster and Rescue, Inc., 64 Thomaston Road Harwintion, CT 06791