• We require a Foster Application to be filled out though our website ( or we can mail you one).

  • All foster families must be located within the State of CT.

  • We require one vet reference (also a previous vet reference if you have recently switched to a new vet) and three personal references, one of which may be a family member. We DO call and speak with each reference.

  • If you rent, we require you to supply your landlord’s name and phone number. We call and make sure you’re allowed to have a dog, and whether the landlord has any breed restrictions.

  • Once the application itself is approved, we call and speak with you about any questions we may have, what dog might be appropriate for you as a foster or adopter, and schedule a home visit, so we can get to know you a bit in person and see where our dog would be living.

  • Once fully approved to foster or adopt, we schedule a meet and greet with the dog we’re considering placing with you, and your entire family and all other pets, to make sure that everyone agrees that the placement is an appropriate one.

  • Please note that we are not able to provide temporary placement in foster homes. As much as we would like to be able to provide fostering for families in transition, we are not able to do that. We often struggle to find foster families for dogs already in our rescue, or for dogs needing to be surrendered to us. As a result, placement in foster homes for our own dogs needs to remain our primary focus.


  • We require an Adoption application to be filled out though our website ( or we can mail you one).

  • When we receive an application we check vet and personal references.

  • Once an application is approved, we will contact you to set up a time for one of our volunteers to come and meet you and do a home visit to see where our dog would be living.

  • The application, reference check, and home visit are all part of our approval process, and all must be completed before you are approved to adopt one of our dogs.

  • The final step is a meet and greet with the dog you’d like to adopt, and your entire family and all other pets.

  • Please note that our rescue is 100% foster-based. We do not have a shelter where you can walk in and visit. All of our dogs live in foster homes with private families throughout the state of CT. We therefore ask that you go through the application/approval process prior to a meet and greet, which is always part of placement. Once you are approved to adopt a dog from us, we bring the dog to your home for a meet and greet with all family members and other pets, to ensure that the placement is an appropriate one for everybody.

  • Depending on how quickly we can reach references and set up the home visit and meet and greet, the entire process - from application submission to meet and greet/adoption - can take up to 1-2 weeks. The length of the process is also dependent upon how many applications we have in, at any given time. *PLEASE BE PATIENT!* We understand that you are excited and anxious to have a new family member in your home. We also must do our due diligence in order to make decisions that are right ones for both the dog and the family.

  • We always make adoption decisions based on the best interests of the dog, and the best fit for both the dog and the family. Our process is never “first come, first served”. We work hard to make sure that the dog and the family will live happily with each other - forever.

  • In spite of our careful process, occasionally life will through a “curve ball” which means a family is no longer able to keep a dog. We require that, should that happen, you notify our rescue and we will bring the dog back into the rescue as soon as possible - and as soon as we have a home available for the dog. Our commitment to our dogs is truly forever - we will be their safety net for the rest of their lives.

  • Our adoption fee is $350, regardless of the age of the dog (except for our “Seniors for Seniors” program for senior citizens on fixed incomes, in which case we subsidize the adopton fee by 50%). For all of our dogs, they receive a complete exam, they are spayed/neutered, and receive all vaccines and tests recommended by our vet. They are tested for heartworm, tick-borne illnesses, and parasites, and all necessary medical treatment is completed before they’re cleared to be adopted. We do a lot of additional medical care for many of the dogs in our rescue. For the vast majority of our dogs, the adoption fee does not even begin to cover the expense to the rescue of medical care, housing, feeding, and training while the dog is in our rescue.

Volunteering - Opportunities 

  • Events - At monthly adoption or local events that we participate in we need assistance with, set up, clean up, running tables and handling dogs.

  • Transportation - The dogs from time to time need transportation to their appointments. This can include vet appointments, events, and meet and greets with possible families that will be their forever home.

  • Fundraising - We hold events to raise money for the animals in our care. This can be an online event, a function or maybe a kind donation that needs to be picked up.

  • Fostering - Opening your hearts and home to let a dog lay his or her head for a while as they recover and wait for their forever home.

Seniors for Seniors Program

  • Senior Dogs are 7 years and older

  • The program is thus designed to specifically match senior dog with senior citizen - 65 years or older.

  • A co-applicant is required - either a family member or trusted friend - who will be able to assist with the dog's day-to-day care if the family should encounter health issues.

  • Our volunteer training staff will provide support to the family as the new dog settles into their home, helping with the transition and answering any questions and concerns that arise.

  • Furry Friends Foster and Rescue will subsidize a portion of the adoption fee for applicants to the senior for senior program.

  • All of our dogs are fully evaluated by our vet - they have their vaccines and tests - and, especially for senior dogs, a substantial amount of veterinary care is often done - including dental work, removal of lumps, senior blood panels - whatever medical care the dog needs prior to being adopted, our rescue provides.