If you would like to adopt one of our dogs, please fill out our Adoption Application. We always want to make sure that a dog and families are a good match for each other. 

  • We check vet records and personal references.

  • Do home visits

  • And then a meet and greet with the dog, and the family and other pets, to make sure the placement is a good one for all concerned. 

Please note that our rescue is 100% foster-based. We do not have a shelter where you can walk in and visit. All of our dogs live in foster homes with private families throughout the state of CT. We therefore ask that you go through the application/approval process prior to a meet and greet, which is always part of placement. Once you are approved to adopt a dog from us, we bring the dog to your home for a meet and greet with all family members and other pets, to ensure that the placement is an appropriate one for everybody.

Our adoption fee is $350.00. All of our dogs are spayed/neutered; up to date with vaccines; tested for heartworm, tick-borne illnesses and parasites; and all necessary medical treatment completed before the dog is cleared to be adopted.