Sponsor a Dog

Has one (or more) of our dogs stolen your heart, but you’re just not able to adopt right now?  Now you have the option of helping by sponsoring that dog! Our rescue is committed to taking dogs in need of that extra care that may make them harder to adopt because of medical or training needs. In addition, some of our dogs are in hospice care – they will be with us for the rest of their lives due to incurable medical conditions. The rest of our wonderful furry friends are still waiting for their forever home. By sponsoring, you can help us to support their continuing care, as well as making it possible for us to help other dogs like them.  For any of these wonderful dogs, you may choose either to make a onetime donation or to sign up for a monthly subscription for their care. By sponsoring one or more of the dogs already in rescue with us, you will not only be helping that dog, but also helping our rescue to go forward and SAVE MORE LIVES! 




: Gemma came into our rescue from East Hartford Animal Control.  She was one of eight dogs who was released to animal control resulting from an abuse case.  All of the dogs were living in 4’ x 6’ cinder block cells with no food, water, or ventilation. When Gemma went to our vet, she was diagnosed with mast cell cancer. She had surgery to remove a large tumor on her leg, as well as a lymph node under one of her mammary glands.  As soon as she is fully recovered from the surgery, she will be going for an oncology consultation at Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine in North Haven CT.  Because the cancer had spread to the lymph node, it is likely that she will need follow-up treatment – most likely chemotherapy.  We are 100% committed to giving Gemma every possible chance to live a healthy life and enjoy for the first time all the good things in life that she so richly deserves.


Baby Girl

Baby Girl is one of our hospice dogs. She came into our rescue in January 2015 from a cold, empty apartment in Waterbury, CT, along with three other dogs.  She is about 17 years old.  The family had to move and left them there – with no water, electricity, or heat.  When we met Baby Girl, the temperature was sub-zero and there was no question about our bringing her and the other dogs to safety! Baby Girl is completely blind due to end stage glaucoma.  She is otherwise amazingly healthy for her age.  She is completely settled with a wonderful foster whose personal dogs act as “seeing eye” dogs for Baby Girl.  With their help, she does just fine moving around the house and the backyard.



Todd is our 12-year-old chihuahua hospice pup. He came into our rescue over a year ago from Meriden Animal Control. He has a grade 4 heart murmur and his heart is significantly enlarged.  He also has a seizure disorder.  Todd is on three medications for his heart plus an anti-seizure medication.  Despite his infirmities, he is a happy guy!  He loves playing with his foster family’s other dogs, and is the most incredible cuddle-bug!  We are committed to giving him the best of care and making his life as happy as we can for as long as he has left.



Trooper is one of our hospice .  At approximately 14 years old, he came into our rescue as an owner surrender.  He was so grossly overweight that he needed to be carried to the car – he could barely walk. He was completely blind when we met him, and needed both eyes removed due to end stage glaucoma – pressure from fluid behind his eyes was causing him pain.  He also had several large skin tags removed – which were benign, thankfully, and extensive dental work. Because of length of time under anesthesia required, the dental work was done as a separate procedure.  Trooper is now living happily with a wonderful foster family.  As he has lost weight, his mobility as increased.  He uses the other dogs in the home as guide dogs.  With their help, he is now able to enjoy short walks and strolls around the backyard.  Trooper is enjoying life and we will give him the best of care and lots of love for the rest of his life.



– Clyde came into our rescue after we received a call from our vet. A dog had been dropped off by animal control to be euthanized.  Our vet asked the animal control officer if he could try and find a rescue for him, and the answer was yes.  He asked if we could consider bringing him into the rescue. Our trainer went and met Clyde and found him to be a truly sweet boy! He's a husky mix, about 10 months old, and he is a BIG puppy! (We are thinking he could possibly be mixed with Akita or Great Dane.) Clyde is in a wonderful foster home and is receiving training.  His foster family, along with our trainer, is working with him on all his basics and learning good manners.  He also is learning not to use his mouth to get attention.  When Clyde finishes his training, he will make a wonderful family member!



Chico is not a new face to any of us, although he officially came into the rescue very recently. We have been working with his family for over eight months, trying to keep him in the home. He was taken in by a woman with a big heart when she became aware he was living in a basement. Her intention at that point was to find him a wonderful home.  Our trainer, Allen Szykula, evaluated him the day after his owner got him, and found him to be completely unsocialized and exhibiting a great deal of fear aggression. At that point, we could not bring him into the rescue, and another rescue for him could not be found, so we determined to help in whatever other way we could.  Chico was thin to the point of being emaciated. He had continual diarrhea and periodic vomiting. Changes in diet did not help. Since his owner could not afford the kind of vet care he needed, we agreed to manage and cover the costs of diagnosis and treatment.  We agreed to manage and pay for his vet care.  We brought him to our vet and he was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease, which is vastly improved with medication and a prescription diet.  Chico's owner has had a series of the reversals that life throws at us from time to time. Despite many people trying to help and various options and suggestions that were made, she informed us that she was no longer able to keep Chico and needed to find placement for him immediately.  Our trainer re-evaluated him and, although he is still fearful, his aggression has dissipated.  He is now in our rescue, temporarily in boarding.  As soon as we have a foster commitment for him we will place him in a board and train, where he will learn to trust and be a happy, balanced dog – that life has good things to offer and he doesn’t need to be afraid anymore!



Sophia is about 12 years old and is eligible for our “Seniors for Seniors” adoption program – as well as being eligible for adoption by other, non-senior citizens. She came to us from Meriden animal control, where she had been found roaming with Blanche (see the following description. She was in need of major dental surgery but, before we could schedule it, she developed an oro-nasal fistula (the infection in her mouth ate through to her nasal cavity) and the dental then became emergency surgery.  Thankfully she did well with it!  She is all healed, and thoroughly enjoying life with her foster family.  She and Blanche are being fostered together.  They love each other, and we would like to see them adopted together, as well.



Reese is a tiny 2-year-old chihuahua who came to us from Waterbury Dog Pound.  He is only about 6 pounds, but sometimes thinks he’s a “tough guy”.  He was adopted by a wonderful family, but returned to us because of some behavioral issues.  Reese has “night terrors.  If he’s wakened suddenly from them, he reacts.  Reese is a dog who needs to be allowed to wake up gradually, without being startled.  Other than that, he is an absolutely great little guy who loves other dogs and is fine with cats as well.  Since being returned to the rescue, he has been fostered by our vice president, who has been working with him.  He has made wonderful progress, and should be ready soon to be adopted.  He’ll need a quiet, “low traffic” home with a family who has the patience to continue to work with him.



Blazey has been playing catch up in terms of learning to live in a home and socialization. She is truly a sweet girl who came to us from Meriden Animal Control.  She’s been in our rescue for about a year.  She is about 9 years old.  For the first 7 years of her life, she lived in a basement, and for the 8th year she lived at the pound.  This is the first time she has ever lived in a home. With the help of our trainer she continues to gain confidence. Her foster mom tells us that she listens to her commands reliably and is happy to comply most of the time. She is getting lots of love combined with training and guidance. We are very proud of her and her progress however, she still has work to do.



Blanche about 12 years old and is eligible for our “Seniors for Seniors” adoption program – as well as being eligible for adoption by other, non-senior citizens. She came to us from Meriden animal control where she had been found roaming with Sophia (see previous description. She also needed major dental surgery, which has now been done.  She is a much happier girl since then!  She had several mammary tumors removed at the same time which, thankfully, were benign!  Now Blanche needs to be spayed, and then will be ready to find a wonderful forever home.  Blanche and Sophia are being fostered together by a wonderful foster family.  They love each other, and we would like to see them adopted together.



-  Niko came to us from a local CT pound where he had been found roaming, with his foot caught in an animal trap.  They had him treated at their vet, and called us because they didn’t want him to have to recover the pound.  He came into our rescue, and lived with a wonderful foster family for quite a while.  He was adopted, but unfortunately his family decided that he was not a good match, and he was returned to the rescue.  We've been working with him since then to address some of his anxiety issues. He has been especially unhappy with having his feet touched as a result of the injury from the trap, and we are working to desensitize him to that as well.  He has a wonderful foster mom who has been working on his training together with our rescue trainer.The hard work is paying off, big time!  Niko has also become much less guarded with new people, and is doing well with people coming in and out of the house.  He still has some work to do, but we're so proud of our handsome guy Niko, and thankful to Kim for all her hard work - and to Allen Szykula, without whose training expertise and guidance we simply couldn't help dogs like Niko!